we make only 'SPINDLES' since 1975. So, long and rich experience in manufacturing 'SPINDLES'

Spindle components are processed on CNC Lathe and CNC Grinding
machines for consistent accuracy.

If required "Hard-Chrome Plating" is done on shaft to prevent rust, &
premature wron-out.

Spindles are dynamically balanced on 'Two-Plane' soft bearing
balancing machine.

With our spindle we use Germany make "KEMAN" Brand HD-44, HD-55,
HD-66, HD-68 & HD-77 Bolsters

Spindles are supplied with Bolsters fitted with Customised designed

Spindles are manufactured suitable for replacement in major brand of

A) Teijin-Seiki

B) Barmag

C) Rieter

D) Saurrer-Allma

E) Ishikawa

Our spindles are also used in a O.E. by Indian Doubler & Twister
machine manufacturer for Ropes, Twines, Fishnet yarn etc.